AI for Hospitality

Norma connects to your existing systems in 3 minutes and through AI we empower your FnB Business to make data driven decisions to eliminate waste, automate reporting and increase profitability.

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Important Features

Mobile Dashboards

Monitor all your key metrics live from your mobile phone with award wining user - experience.

Newton AI

Newton is Norma's AI algorithm that predicts future product sales with 90% accuracy, reducing waste and optimizing operations.

Live Dashboards

Real-time tracking and visualization of key hospitality metrics across multiple POS systems, enabling instant, data-driven decision making.

AI Summarisations

Instead of waking up to excel tables, Norma will show you all the important fact that occurred in natural language.

Coming soon

Mobile Notifications

Real-time alerts regarding key hospitality metrics and unexpected changes directly to your smartphone, facilitating immediate action.

Coming soon

Norma GPT

AI technology to understand and interact with hospitality-related data, facilitating deeper insights and more efficient decision-making processes.

Eliminate Waste

Newton predicts the future sales of your individual menu items with a 90% accuracy, empowering you to better prepare, order and eliminate waste.


All your data accessible at your fingertips

Mobile First

User-friendly, award-winning experience across all mobile devices, allowing for real-time data access and decision-making on the go.

Desktop Optimised

A comprehensive, user-friendly interface on desktop platforms, ensuring efficient data analysis and management from your workspace.

For teams

Effortless Management for Executives

General Manager

General Managers no longer need to spend hours creating reports or watching KPIs. Norma does it for them, supplying all the needed information to their phone. This frees up the manager to focus on their main task: managing operations, not being stuck on a laptop. Norma is the only way for managers to receive all their important updates live on their phone.

Top Management

View a real-time dashboard of all your venues and bid farewell to lengthy email chains for data collection. Regardless of your POS system or location, monitor and manage your data, and create on-the-spot reports.


Finally, chefs won’t need after-hours meetings to plan for the next day. Instead, they’ll simply check their Newton projections on their phones, wherever they are. They’ll then share these forecasts on a WhatsApp (or any other) group with their team. This approach will decrease effort, enhance projection precision, and cut waste.


Frequently Asked Questions

What systems do you integrate with?

We pride ourselves on having a world-class integration team that has already successfully integrated with 20 globally recognized POS systems. If your POS system isn’t included in our current offerings, don’t worry. We will extend a complimentary integration service to offset any potential delays during the onboarding process.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Absolutely. We understand that timely support can make a big difference in your experience with us. Therefore, you have round-the-clock access to your designated account executive either by direct phone contact or via email at

How is your pricing structured?

We encourage all of our prospective clients to take advantage of our free trial in order to experience firsthand how our product can enhance their operations. Once satisfied, customers can select from various package options, with prices starting at just $90 per month.

Can I trust that my data is secure?

Indeed. We adhere to stringent regulations from both the EU and the US concerning data security. Taking data protection extremely seriously, we have rigorous protocols in place for securely processing and storing your information.

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